Baseball Cap Cleaning

Instead of tossing out my hubby’s favorite baseball caps I decided to try washing them in the dishwasher…..AMAZING!  All the sweat stains are gone….all the dirt is gone…and they look new again!

Begin by loading them in the dishwasher…..add dishwasher detergent like you normally would for a load of dishes.  I recommend not loading them with dishes that have food on them…maybe run a separate cycle just for your ball cap or ball caps.

Run the dishwasher on normal cycle….turn off the heat cycle.

When the dishwasher is done…..set the caps outside to dry quickly or hang them somewhere inside where if they drip….it won’t damage anything.

Just like new….who knew?

Published by LisaLovesSanAntonio

Lisa is a blogger who is passionate about the city of San Antonio, decorating, organizing and living life! Her parents moved to San Antonio during the last three weeks of her junior year in high school from Austin, Texas to open a real estate company. Lisa swore she would move back to Austin as soon as she could....but never did. She fell in love with new friends and the city and culture and never left. Lisa has owned 13 homes in San Antonio. Her favorite project was a house she knocked down to studs and rebuilt entirely. She can see the "potential" in a house and knows what to do to turn it from a "dump house" to a "Trump house". She has been a Realtor since 1994 and has helped over 1,000 families buy and sell in San Antonio and the surrounding area. She began her real estate career as part of the first real estate team in San Antonio with her Mom, Ruth and their slogan was "Two for One and YOU"RE number ONE!" Recently their daughter moved to San Antonio with their 3 beautiful grandkids the same week her Mom moved into a memory care home. Lisa's blogs are about what a beautiful city San Antonio is, what it's like to be in between a Mom and a daughter and Grandkids that need some help and her love of decorating and repurposing furniture.

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