2017 Motivation

One of the few items I have that was my Grandma Katy’s is a plate.  I often wish I had asked her more about her life because I know so little.  Catherine Weissgarber was originally Catherine Reich, born on January 26, 1907.  She came to New York on a boat from Austria Hungry and met my Grandpa, Martin Weissgarber in the Bronx.  Martin was from Romania and came to New York on a boat in 1922…and became a citizen in 1933.  This plate was made by the Bernhart Company sometime between 1919 and 1928 in the Schlaggenwald Region on Austria.  I am guessing they bought this plate on a trip they made back to the “old country” with my Dad, Tony, and his brother, John. How brave she must have been to cross the Atlantic to come to America alone….at 17!

Wonder how she felt when she reached Ellis Island and saw the Statue of Liberty?

How lucky we are to live in the USA!  Welcome 2017!







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