Christmas Miracle



On Christmas Day an old friend of ours died.  She spent several days cooking for the big family gathering that occurs at her home each Christmas Day, ate dinner, sat down to relax and never woke up.

She was the queen of her family….always in charge of family gatherings and taking care of stray kids for others over the years…including raising several children that weren’t her own.  I was very sad when I saw the text the day after Christmas….and immediately had my husband cook up a big container of King Ranch Chicken Enchiladas while I caught us up on work so we could head out to her house.

I had managed to bake up several dozen cookies on Christmas Day between our early Christmas celebration with a cousin and the late Christmas celebration with my Mom and brothers even though we didn’t need any additional cookies….but now I was glad I had taken the time to bake because they were needed.  I had bought a plate surrounded by hearts with a Queens crown at the center several weeks before not knowing who or why I was buying it….but I knew it was perfect for the plate of cookies as Gail was the Queen of her household and Queen of the family gatherings.

We drove up to a busy house with enough food for the crowd that had gathered and with heavy hearts we drove away wondering why God had chosen Christmas Day to take Gail home.

I waited until the day after to call my Mom, who is 87 years old, to tell her John’s sister had died on Christmas Day at only 65.  When I told her the story her response was, “How lucky she was….to have died surrounded by her family”.   When I hung up the phone I realized Mom was right….Gail died surrounded by her family on one of the most important days of the year after spending her time making sure everything was perfect for them and was able to eat the beautiful meal she had spent days preparing.   I forgot about feeling sad….Mom had put it into perspective.  No horrible car wreck, no long months or years of being sick….a beautiful celebration on Christmas Day surrounded by her family.


RIP Elizabeth Gail Frazier.

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